About this site

OpenHouseNS helps you track what's said in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. Important decisions are made in our legislature, and we want to make it easier for Nova Scotians to know what's happening.

OpenHouseNS provides an unofficial record of the proceedings of the House of Assembly; it is not meant to substitute for the legislature's website. This pilot focuses on making the debates of the House of Assembly easier to search and browse. Among other planned features, we would like to allow you to subscribe to email alerts, so that you can be notified when a bill changes status, when you can give input on bills to committees, when your MLA speaks, or when issues you care about are discussed in the House.

OpenHouseNS is open source. All debates are available as open data in the Akoma Ntoso XML format. The Find your MLA form is powered by the Represent Civic Information API.

Who We Are

The Springtide Collective works to reconnect Nova Scotians with the democratic process and imagine ways of doing politics differently. In addition to offering this website, we've brought you projects like the Three Minute Citizen video series, VoteSmartNS.ca, the Better Politics Awards and a series of reports on youth political opinion and civic literacy.

OpenHouseNS was developed by Open North, a nonprofit that builds digital tools for government transparency and civic participation across Canada. Learn more about their work.

Funding for the initial development of OpenHouseNS was provided by the Democracy 250 Youth Engagement Legacy Trust. Help maintain and curate the site by making a donation to Springtide Collective.

Interested in having your company or organization be a sustaining sponsor of OpenHouseNS? Get in touch.

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